JK Nick Nichols

Nicholsworth LLC Music Publishing
06 September 2018

Brand New CD set for Release in September, 2018

Hometown, USA
Hometown, USA is JK Nick Nichols 7th album released since 2013 on Star 1 Records.  The album is dedicated to the town and good folks of Union, SC where Nichols grew up. The title track of the song highlights real life memories from a day long past but never forgotten. As always, Nichols includes a song of faith on each album. The song "Arise My Love" is a powerful duet ballad of hope for love reunited after death, written by Nick and co-writer Amy Chenoweth. The song is performed by Nichols and accompanying female country artist and friend Brandy Williams.  The CD will be available in both hard copy and download from Nichols website jknichols.com and will also be available on all social media platforms such as CD Baby, itunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and Pandora.




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